Fabric Stories

Welcome to  Seaside Quilting Supplies. I have had many comments over the years about the name when people discover that the store is actually in the mountains of Virginia.

I thought I'd use today's blog to explain the store name and my love of all things "beachy".

I am from Ocean City, Md. My grandfather was a commercial fisherman-he fished both the bay and the Atlantic for a living. I never knew him. He lived a hard life and passed away while still a young man. My mom was only a young teenage girl when he died.

We grew up camping EVERY weekend of my life in a pickup camper top on the beach at Assateague Island. There were 5 of us in a small pickup camper for 3 days every weekend from May til October. Obviously, we didn't spend much time in the camper. My sister and brother and I were outside from 7:30 am til well past dark. Swimming, building sandcastles, fishing and shelling until we couldn't anymore. I used to think I never wanted to be "sandy" again.

Time marched on.....I married and moved to South Central/Western Virginia and began to quilt. Our family has vacationed on the Outer Banks of North Carolina every year since we had children. The oldest kids are now 29 and 26. Our kids have never wanted to go anywhere else (although we have been other places) for our family week together. Our only daughter was married on Coquina Beach, which is a little piece of perfection, just to the left off of Highway 12 as you head to Hatteras.

I decided that I so enjoyed putting fabrics together (nearly as much as the actual quilting process) that I would begin an online shop. With the intention to keep my shop as an online store only, I began contemplating a name. My heart and soul are strengthened by the sea and the sand and the shells. Thus the name..hidden here in the Virginia mountains, and hopefully not so hidden on the Net is our little shop. We intend to move it the Outer Banks one day very soon and make the name a reality.

With warm beachy thoughts,