"Newsy" Things in the Quilting Shop

Posted by barb on 13th Jun 2017

The news these days can be somewhat overwhelming. We all seem to be so at odds with one another. The chasms get greater each day and I wonder how will we ever overcome the divide and find our way to work together for a greater cause. And as I was pondering all this, the quilt I was beginning to work on offered some prospective answers. Often when we begin to put a quilt together or just begin to plan for the quilt, we have a pile of what may seem to be disparate fabrics in front of us. Someone who doesn't quilt might be inclined to look at the pile and wonder how in the world those pieces would ever make something beautiful, comforting, and uplifting. As the process of "building" a quilt moves forward, what appears to be fabrics, colors, patterns that might never work together end up in harmony. It is the cutting and the placement of pieces and patterns until some continuity appears that reveals the underlying "threads" that allow the quilt to flow into one harmonious piece. On the surface of the quilt some patterns may appear too complex, with too many elements, to ever be able to blend in seamlessly. Both time and effort result in the blending of what previously appeared incongruent. The willingness to move a piece of fabric to somewhere you once thought "it shouldn't go" or to put it beside something you never had considered, often results in a more beautiful plan than could have originally been foreseen. Flexibility and open mindedness to new arrangements present us with the chance for a glorious outcome. It is my deep hope that I may be more open to new ideas..In quilting and life. Wishing you all threads that bring your own chasms together.

And in that vein, here are some photos of new things in the shop-to make our gifts of love with which we touch those around us:

We have two new entire collections just in.

The darling "Witchy" by StudioE Fabrics, and Holiday Flair also by StudioE. Both are stunningly colored with rich hues and incredible attention to detail.

Witchy is available here.

Holiday Flair is available here.

I also spent a good bit of time the last few days doing lots of new fabric collections~perfect for the beginning quilter or for the experienced quilter who'd rather sew than figure out fabrics!

You can look at all of the great collections here.

And last but not least, we always carry the amazing Quilters Dream Battings and the stunning Starr Fabrics Hand Dyed Quilt Kits-and they have some brand new ones!