The "Art" of Quilting

The "Art" of Quilting

Posted by barb on 26th Mar 2015

The "Art" of Quilting-

So, I am about to begin a T-Shirt Quilt-not a quilt I had generally envisioned as something I would ever do. But a precious niece has a boy(man) she is very taken with and he wants a memory quilt of all his fire station T shirts. Now, being the daughter of a lifelong volunteer fireman, this project has occupied a space near and dear to my heart.
And then the questions came.....What ever will I do with these very large "panels" on the back of these t-shirts? And how will I create interest, rather than just squares sewn together, and what if I am not talented enough to pull this off??

And immediately after the onslaught of doubt, I stepped back and watched the swirling questions cloud everything I knew I could do. In the space of "watching" the questions swirl, clarity came.
The t-shirts will show me what to do with them. Perhaps only those who cut large pieces of cloth into tiny ones only to put them back into large pieces will understand those words. Sometimes the answers are in the fabrics. Patterns will reveal themselves. In the moments of unclarity-if we can step back and look at the fog-we can see that the fog isn't all there is-nearby, where it has always been, is clarity. The unclarity temporarily blocked our view of the clarity.
It's that way with life too..The clarity and the unclarity are always there. Occasionally, we forget that and think one is gone. When in reality, it is obscured for a moment and if we sit with the fog and allow it to pass gently, clarity is revealed.

Now, rather than get caught in the "unknowing" of making a t-shirt quilt, I am going to trust that the shirts will show me the way and that the finished treasure will be that indeed-a treasure for someone to hold onto, perhaps even in moments of unclarity.....

wishing you a quilty weekend,

Just for clarity (lol) the photo nearby is not my quilt-it is one I admired from pinterest :)