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Fabric and Quilting "Notions" from the Seaside

The Amazing Starr Hand Dyed Quilt Kits~On Sale Now!!

Posted by seaside 1~Barb on 15th Jun 2017

The Amazing Starr Designs Hand Dyed Quilt Kits~On Sale Now! Find them here!It is hard to describe the stunning kits that my friend, Kathleen Starr produces! The photos are really good, but to see them … read more

"Newsy" Things in the Quilting Shop

Posted by barb on 13th Jun 2017

The news these days can be somewhat overwhelming. We all seem to be so at odds with one another. The chasms get greater each day and I wonder how will we ever overcome the divide and find our way to w … read more
The "Art" of Quilting

The "Art" of Quilting

Posted by barb on 26th Mar 2015

The "Art" of Quilting-So, I am about to begin a T-Shirt Quilt-not a quilt I had generally envisioned as something I would ever do. But a precious niece has a boy(man) she is very taken with and he wan … read more

"This is my first quilt ever"

22nd Sep 2014

"This is my first quilt ever."I thought she was know, teasing me. I had a customer order some fabric a few weeks ago and we had trouble making ourselves clear via the internet, so she ga … read more
My List of Quilts....

My List of Quilts....

31st Aug 2014

My List of Quilts....The list of Quilts I've Yet to do....Do you have this list? Either written or just stored carefully in your mind..Of people who have touched your life so deeply that you know the … read more